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VIP Terms & Conditions
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VIP Terms and Conditions

Before you sign this application, please carefully read the agreement printed below:

These Terms and Conditions from the agreement between HeyYO!! and PPG Cake House (Hong Kong Specialty Shops) applicants or members( "Members", who are regarded as read, agreed and accepted the Terms and Conditions) and Pappagallo Pacific Group Ltd ("PPG", "we", "us") and VIP offer program ("The Program").

We can in its sole and absolute discretion amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. A copy of latest version of these Terms and Conditions will be available in our shops.

Terms and Conditions for using the VIP Card
  1. Registration of Membership
    1. To become a member of the program, you will need to complete a registration form, provide certain personal data and receipts (Consumption within 3 months) for our processing and approving.
    2. Successful applicants will be issued with a VIP Card. VIP Cards only available to registered members and can’t be transferred or authorized to any other person.
    3. Membership is valid for ONE year (From the date of issue)
    4. You should provide ID Number (First 4 digital characters) and Contact Number. If the ID Number and Contact Number is already registered, we may decline your application.
    5. For your protection, you must provide in person your original identity document when you register for membership or amend your information. If you can not provide the documents, we may decline the application.
    6. In order to provide new offers under the program in the future, it is necessary for you to provide us with a valid E-mail address.
      If you prefer not to receive any further mails from PPG, please inform us at (
    7. To strengthen the system function and efficiency, we may update or shutdown the system during operating hours without prior notice.
    8. We reserve the rights to amend any part of the membership rules and Terms and Conditions. (We may make amendments at our discretion without any prior notice)

  2. Gift Points program/ scheme and Terms & Conditions
    (Only applicable in Hong Kong Specialty Shops)
    1. For your protection, members must present your valid VIP Card prior to make your       purchases in order to enjoy VIP’s offer, earn Gift points and redeem.
    2. Gift Points means the points awarded when you make purchases at the shops based on the invoice amount. Gif Points are calculated and accumulated on the invoice amounts and cents are not calculated.
    3. The accumulated Gift Points are for redemption. If you redeem gift coupons, the     distribution and usage are governed by the expiry date and Terms and Conditions set by the Gift Coupons.
    4. Gift Points will be awarded and updated when you make a purchase. If there are any       problems while updating the Gift Points as a result of system upgrade / other reasons, you may be required to visit any HeyYO!! and PPG Cake House Specialty Shops for amendment with the receipts within 3 months. (Not valid in Taste Counter in Festival Walk.)
    5. Pappagallo Pacific Group Ltd. reserves to make the final decision base on the records      held by us (Accumulated Gift Points, Accumulated Date, Transactions Amounts, Transactions Date and Balance of Gift Points. etc).
    6. Please notify our employees or customer service officers immediately if there are any mistakes related to your Gift Points or discrepancy between the invoice amounts.
    7. All of the Gift Points expire at the same time as your membership. Upon expiry of the    membership, all your accumulated Gift Points will be forfeited without prior notice.      Pappagallo Pacific Group Ltd. reserves the rights to set and change the expiry date of Gift Points without prior notice whether the Gift Points are obtained before or after the dates are changed.
    8. If members own more than one account, those Gift Points can’t be combined or       transferred into one account and also can’t be transferred to another member’s account.
    9. Pappagallo Pacific Group Ltd. reserves the rights at all time to amend or replace the exchange terms and VIP Offers without prior notice.
    10. Gift Points will be deducted from your VIP Card account if you return products to our shops for refunds or cancel transactions.
    11. VIP gifts that are redeemed by Gift Points can’t be amended, canceled or refunded. Gift Points will be deducted from your VIP Card account and there will be no refund. Redemption rewards can not be returned or refunded.

  3. Malfunctions / Loss of VIP Card
    1. We will deactivate your VIP Card if it is damaged, tampered or lost.
      Members have to notify us immediately to reissue a new card and a $20 handling charge will be required.
    2. We will not return Gift Points if your VIP card has been lost.

  4. Personal Information and Data
    1. To become a Member of the Program, it is necessary for you to provide us with your personal information.
      If you are unable or unwilling to provide us with complete and correct Personal Data, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide the services under the Program.



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